A Word from The Infatuation

We’ve never been all that big on steakhouses. We get that there will always be a need for a place where old business dudes can celebrate their latest Ponzi scheme/jet ski purchase, but we’ve never been the type to drop big money and big calories on buttered meat and scalloped potatoes.

There are definitely some restaurants we visit when such an occasion is called for (like that time we bought a used jet ski) – St. AnselmMinetta Tavern, and Strip House among them. Bowery Meat Company now belongs on that list.

Bowery Meat Company is the new steak house from Josh Capon and the Lure/Burger & Barrel Team, and after having now eaten here, we can share this groundbreaking scientific discovery: We officially have something in common with Justin Bieber, Michael Strahan, and a Real Housewife. No, not that we are all about to “drop a single,” and not that we’ve all taken a selfie with Chef Capon. We all share the experience of enjoying a steak and juicy ass piece of duck lasagna and about seven bottles of red wine at Bowery Meat Company. And we enjoyed every second of it.

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